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Stuffed Pizza 6-Pack



Our shipped Pizza Packs are currently unavailable. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Pleaes check back with us. We will also be sending an email to customers on our mailing list as soon as we are shipping again.

About Our Pizza

About Our Pizza

Treat yourself to the best shipped Chicago Pizza! The Original Stuffed Pizza was created in 1971 by Nancy's founder, Rocco Palese, during Chicago's "Golden Age" of pizza innovation. Instead of conforming to the deep dish pizza craze, Rocco pulled inspiration from his Italian roots and layered cheese and toppings between two crusts. The result was Chicago's first stuffed pizza!

Each Stuffed Pizza shipped is 9-inches in diameter, weighs about 2 lbs and feeds approximately 2 people. Each stuffed pizza is hand-crafted and made very much like a pie. We take a deep dish pizza pan and carefully line it with our delicious dough. Then we add fresh quality toppings and the finest mozzarella cheese. This delectable pie is then covered with an additional thin layer of dough, topped with Nancy's signature pizza sauce and baked to perfection.

We offer four different varieties for shipping: Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni and Italian Beef and Hot Pepper. Our shipped pizzas are pre-baked and flash frozen to seal in their delicious flavor. We pack the pizzas in dry ice so that they arrive to you still frozen. They can be enjoyed immediately, or stored in the freezer for that special occasion.

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